Command and Control Room Modular Console Desk

IWE has worked intensively in the Control Room market in all sectors, including installations of CCTV Monitoring Control Rooms, Emergency Services Control Rooms, Network Management Control Rooms and more. Our Command and Control Room Modular ConsolesĀ are designed to meet the requirements of most Command and Control Center applications.

We fully recognize that this type of procurement is aimed at providing a high quality modular solution that will be ergonomically pleasing as well as being highly durable, providing many years of life without showing premature signs of wear or ageing.

Cable Tray

Cable Tray

  • Rear monitor rail to allow installation of adjustable screen arms and convenience power / USB / data modules.
  • Lift out panels to provide access to continuous cable tray and in desk power plug strip.
  • Worksurface fitted with durable polyurethane front edge.

CPU Trolley

CPU Trolley

  • Rear or front access to the CPU Storage void.
  • Integral cable management system, vertical and horizontal.
  • CPU mounted on roll out trolley with cable management chain.
  • Ventilation grilles fitted to access doors.

Height Adjustable

Height adjust

  • Available with fixed or electrically height adjustable work surfaces to provide easy access to IT equipment.
  • Height adjustable sit stand consoles provide ergonomic flexibility to the different users that will work at these consoles on a 24 x 7 shift pattern.

Fully Cable Managed

Height adjustable with fully managed cables

  • Electrically height adjustable consoles are fully cable managed.
  • IWE can provide or advise on the extended cable lengths that are required for these consoles.

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