Innovative Workspace Environments was started from a desire to help companies find the furniture, platforms, and solutions they need based on the type of workspace environment where their need exists. Our products are conveniently divided into these environments to help you quickly find exactly the solution you’re looking for.

What environment are you exploring today?

Airport Terminal Environment

IWE supports airport environments through our Airport Terminal and Gating products. We are the exclusive importer of Gate Technologies in the US. Gate Technologies is a global provider of Airport Counters and Airport Gating products with completed projects from Gatwick to Kingston to Abu Dabi. Browse Airport Environment »

Collaborative Environment

When two heads are better than one, our collaborative furniture allows for better communication and collaboration. From Bench Desking to Collaborative video walls, we can help your teams focus on their shared tasks rather than how to better collaborate. Browse Collaborative Environment »

Command Center Environment

Our Control Room and Command Console furniture is designed with critical missions in mind. Our team has worked to provide Control Room and Command Console desking to a wide range of organizations that can’t afford to miss a beat such as trading houses on Wall Street, command centers on US Airforce bases, and companies like the Underground and T-Mobile in London. Browse Command Center Environment »

Private Office Environment

Whether it’s the need to have private conversations or the need to fully concentrate, sometimes we need our own space. Our Private Office furniture is designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere with just the right style and technology for either of these things. Browse Private Office Environment »